Vienna Airport to Offer At-Home Baggage Check-in & Delivery Services

All passengers travelling from Vienna Airport are now eligible to check-in their baggage in advance and can also benefit from delivery services provided by AirPortr.

Baggage is handed over to a desired location as well as at desired location and collection time, while then it can be picked up at the baggage claim after reaching the target destination, reports.

According to Future Travel Experience, the first 200 bookings will be free of charge as part of a test run for flights departing the Austrian capital before May 3. This offering will be further expanded and will become permanently integrated into the service portfolio starting next month. The bookings in order to benefit from these services are €26 and depend on the number of pieces of luggage as well as the location.

“An innovative service projected to enhance travel comfort: in collaboration with Austrian Airlines and AirPortr, we are making the departure process at Vienna Airport even easier,” Joint CEO and COO at Vienna Airport, Julian Jäger, pointed out in this regard.

He added that passengers are eligible to depart for their vacations in an easier way by having their luggage picked up from home without being required to wait at the check-in counters. Jäger said that Vienna Airport is expanding service quality ahead of the peak summer season.

The new changes have also been considered very important by the CCO of Austrian Airlines,  Michael Trestl after according to him, the entire travel process is as pleasant for the visitors as possible.

“Thanks to our new baggage service, we are offering our travelers yet another exclusive added value. Our passengers should be able to feel completely at ease from the beginning to the end of their journeys with Austrian Airlines,” Trestl pointed out in this regard.

Airportr is available on flights from some of the main airports in Europe, such as Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and now Austria.

As for the United Kingdom, the services are not currently available at Manchester airport, but they are set to become effective this year. “We’re working to re-instate these services in 2023,” the statement reads.

In order to benefit from this service, passengers are required to book a collection of slots online, and then the AirPortr driver will send the bags to the passengers. Authorities in Vienna are continuously working in order to ease the travel process for passengers further, particularly ahead of the summer season.

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