Purpose marketing trends: Heinz, Bush Light, United Airlines, Dove


Heinz: The brand created a red-colored tattoo ink that it says avoids harmful ingredients. The campaign, from the Brazillian agency Soko, comes as some governments around the world have banned certain ingredients in tattoo ink for health concerns such as rashes and itchiness. Apparently, the color red is a culprit. 

Kolster likes the fun, provocative approach for a normally serious issue.

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Busch Light: A campaign from The Martin Agency features retired astronaut Doug Hurley, who actually advocates against being an astronaut. The reason has to do with beer—and how zero gravity makes space beer drinking impossible. “The case against space” campaign includes a tree-planting initiative “to help save our earth.”

While Kolster says he is not usually a big fan of tree-planting campaigns, Busch gets away with it with a tongue-in-cheek approach that connects to the product.

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Bolt: European mobility app Bolt, which markets everything from scooters to car sharing, features people who “broke up” with their cars in a campaign pushing its alternative transportation methods. 

Kolster likes the play on breakups but says the ad lacks a significant takeaway—like providing a good reason to break up with your car.

Nescafe: The brand shows how the jars can be used much more than storing coffee in a colorful spot.

Kolster likes the sentimental tone of the spot but suggested the brand could have talked more about its sustainable packaging.

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