Minister releases short films on waste management

Minister for Municipal Administration and Water Supply K.N. Nehru on Saturday released four short films on the subject of solid waste management and waste segregation.

The first film titled Your Trash Your Responsibility aims to convey the message of using dustbins in public places and not carelessly discarding the waste without a thought for others’ safety. The second is Do Not Sin that shows a woman living in an apartment complex fling her waste from a high floor, causing it to infect food on a lower floor as it is thrown carelessly. The third My Trash My Responsibility features actor Yogi Babu as a battery-operated vehicle driver who speaks on the importance of source segregation in the home which will prevent the contraction of diseases. The fourth film My Place My Responsibility advises against using plots of land to discard garbage.

“The Clean People’s Movement was launched in June last year by Chief Minister M.K. Stalin to clean up the cities and make them garbage-free and related activities are being conducted on the second and fourth Saturdays every month,” said the Minister.

The short films are an extension of this programme. The Minister spoke about the aim of the Swachh Bharat 2.0 Mission to make cities open defecation free and said the government was making toilets available to all to aid this.

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