Marketing trends for April 14, 2023


LA Times: The paper attracted the ire of several “Succession” fans after it spilled the beans early on a critical plot twist in the popular HBO series’ most recent episode. After the [SPOILER ALERT] unexpected death of patriarch Logan Roy, the L.A. Times published a faux obituary for the media mogul. However, many saw the article, with its spoiler headline “Logan Roy, conservative media mogul who shaped contemporary politics, dies at 84” before they watched the episode. Oops. Tough to spin this one.

The Bountiful Company: The vitamin and dietary supplement company is under fire for “review hijacking,” or misrepresenting its product reviews on Amazon. Following a February complaint against Bountiful, the Federal Trade Commission ordered Bountiful to pay $600,000 in monetary relief to customers. The company, which made it seem as though its products had higher average ratings, more reviews and bestseller and Amazon’s Choice badges, is barred from making similar claims in the future.

Tupperware: The party might be over for the food storage brand, which is seeking a cash infusion to stay alive. It even got the Onion treatment this week. The satirical site published a mock person-on-the-street reaction story to news of the brand’s troubles. Among the observations: “I’ve just been wrapping my leftovers in an old T-shirt,” and “How can a brand indelibly associated with 70 years ago be struggling?”

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