Google Glass Enterprise Edition is no more

Google Glass largely went off sale to consumers in 2015, and Google has since been focusing on how the headset could be useful for businesses and developers. But even those efforts have come to an end. The company is no longer selling Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, Google spokesperson Patrick Seybold told The Verge. A help document spotted by 9to5Google says the company will end support for the AR headset on September 15th.

According to the company, the devices should still work after that date, but it’s not planning on releasing any software updates. The support cutoff also extends to the built-in Meet app and repair service. “The app may stop working at any time after September 15, 2023,” warns Google’s support page, before saying that “Google will continue to replace devices under the existing process” until that date.

It’s tough to say whether Glass specifically has a future — currently, just has a message saying “thank you for over a decade of innovation and partnership,” and announcing the discontinuation. But last year Google seemed keen on it, announcing that it would be testing augmented reality glasses with cameras in public and showing a (slightly unrealistic) demo of two people using AR to communicate in different languages during its I/O keynote.

Seybold told The Verge that the company is still “deeply committed to AR” and that it’s “been building AR into many Google products and we’ll continue to look at ways to bring new, innovative AR experiences across our product portfolio.” It’s always possible that the company’s planning some other face-mounted experience, but for now, Glass is getting another entry in the Google graveyard.

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